Non-Ferreous Heat Recovery

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Non-Ferreous Heat  Recovery Boilers

The non-ferrous metallurgy waste heat boilers provided by HLHI rank top with customers such as Jinchuan Group, Zijin Mine Industry, Jiangxi Copper Industry, Yunnan Aluminum, and HLHI has over 85% market share. The products are of high quality, reliable as our research team has studied systematically for many years about the technologies. HLHI develops relevant products per properties of particles in the gas such as over size, stickiness, high corrosion, high turbulence of gas etc. Those products include copper flash smelting furnace, copper oxygen-rich top catalyst smelting furnace, AUSMELT heat recovery boiler, Kivcet heat recovery boiler, Zinc concentrate heat recovery boiler, Zinc roasting heat recovery boiler, etc.

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